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Meet Torrent Photonics

ITAR registered and ISO-certified U.S. manufacturer of optical components, assemblies, and spectral devices. Torrent provides a complete photonics supply chain for DoD prime contractors and commercial customers in life sciences, medical devices, semiconductors, and industrial segments.

Rigor. Agility. Precision.

Aggressive Program Goals? Meet Torrent.

Since our start in 2006, Torrent has invested in the people, innovation, and technology our customers need to compete and win. Their aggressive growth has kept pace with their customers through photonics demand and key acquisitions, such as Pixelteq, Graflex, Arrow Thin Films, and Kreisher Optics. 

Torrent Photonics has built a robust photonics supply chain and a culture of innovative systems thinkers. From customer service to engineering to leadership, we share a commitment to delivering reliable and safe technologies for users in the field. 

Our Mission

Robust and scalable solutions that enable new potential for our defense and industrial customers. Safety and reliability for our end users is top of mind every day, in all that we do.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner for industry leaders striving to gain a competitive edge through cutting-edge imaging and sensing technologies.

Our Values

Perseverance - Relentlessly pursuing innovation and opportunities.

Responsiveness – Following up with customers quickly.

Relationships – Developing partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Systems Thinking – Employees empowered to make decisions that will improve end performance and manufacturability at every stage.

Transparency – Communicating accurate information with an open-door policy.
Square feet of U.S. manufacturing capability
Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanroom assembly
Track record of delivery




Founding principals seized the opportunity to acquire small optical fabrication and systems groups, recognizing the rising demand for precision optics and systems.

Coatings Expansion

With the addition of new coating chambers and Class 1000 and Class 100 clean rooms, as well as several lines of proprietary coating materials, 2012 brings new thin film coatings and thick film coatings in-house.


Photonics Facility Move & Expansion

In a newly established facility in Seminole, FL, the photonics divisions are newly under 1 roof. This year also marks the Defense expansion into sensor design and upgrade services. 


ISO 9001 Compliance Awarded

Recognizing new quality systems and a culture of continuous improvement, the company is awarded ISO 9001 to support their growing life science, health care and industrial customer base.


Acquiring Segment Leaders

Building on nearly a decade of success, the investment group begins an aggressive acquistion strategy, starting with Next Phase Optics, adding optical fabrication capacity.

EOITech Joins the Fold

Addition of Imaging and Sensing Services, including coverglass & microlens removal, image sensor alignment.

Flash Photonics & Pixelteq Additions

Flash Photonics adds industrial sensing capabilities and furthers Torrent's ability to engineer and manufacture complete sensing systems. Pixelteq, after a multi-million dollar expansion, brings proprietary technology and capacity for micropatterned filters, thin film coatings, and photolithography.


Building the Powerhouse

Working toward a market-leading comprehensive photonics supply chain, 2021 marked the acquisitions of Arrow Thin Films, high laser damage threshold coatings, Spectrology, spectroscopy and sensing solutions, and Kreischer Optics, aspheres, T-spheres precision optical fabrication, and Graflex Defense Solutions, Boresights, Zoom lens, Pan & Tilt surveillance systems.


Introducing Torrent Photonics

Salvo Technologies becomes Torrent Photonics. The new name represents the company's commitment to customers in B2B and B2G segments.

Why Our Partners Trust Torrent

Our team has been trusted to develop complex solutions for industry-leading companies. We continuously deliver on innovation and quality. 

Niche Market Expertise

"The Torrent team has been a HUGE asset as we evolved into a very niche market. Their help evaluating optical specs and advising us on best practices has been invaluable.”

Above & Beyond

“They have gone above and beyond in providing us with answers, helping us find solutions, and coming alongside us to support our efforts.”

Dedicated to Building Relationships

“They make us feel like we are more than just a customer.”

Highest Level of Service

“Excellent support, dedication, and collaboration.”

Accelerate Your Success

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Torrent is positioned to deliver innovative solutions faster. Our team is ready to discuss your project and set a path to success.

Accelerate Your Success