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Services & Capabilities

Advanced Imaging & Sensing Solutions


Coating & Photolithography Services

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Optical Systems Development & Manufacturing

  • Electro-optic systems and assemblies
  • Spectrometers and subsystems
  • UV-VIS-SWIR imaging systems for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
  • Raman spectrometry-based drug & substance detection solutions

Precision Optical Fabrication & Assembly Services


Torrent Photonics provides a complete supply chain for photonics components, with custom capabilities in optical fabrication and assembly, optical coatings, lithography, nanostructure fabrication, image sensing and camera modification, and electro-optic assembly.

Optical Fabrication Capabilities

Optical fabrication for UV, VIS, NIR, and SWIR optics in optical glass and IR materials, 8mm to 150mm.
  • Plano Optics: Flat optics, optical windows, and wedges for a range of optical components.
  • Spherical Lenses: Rotationally symmetric optics and lenses.
  • Aspheres: Quality of L/20 achievable, with minimal mid-spatial frequency errors. 
  • Freeforms: An optical component that is not translationally or rotationally symmetric.

Optical Fabrication Equipment

  • CNC – Grinding & Polishing
  • Spindles – High Accuracy Pitch Polishing
  • Double-sided Polishing
  • Continuous Polishing
  • Laser Centering CNC
  • MRF – Magnetorheological Finishing

Optical Fabrication Metrology

  • Luphoscan Noncontact profilometer
  • Zygo VFA stitching interferometer
  • NexView – White light interferometer
  • Interferometers – 3 Zygos & Apre
Optical Engineering Using Zemax - Tolerance Chart

Why Our Partners Trust Torrent

Our team has been trusted to develop complex solutions for industry-leading companies. We continuously deliver on innovation and quality. 

Niche Market Expertise

"The Torrent team has been a HUGE asset as we evolved into a very niche market. Their help evaluating optical specs and advising us on best practices has been invaluable.”

Above & Beyond

“They have gone above and beyond in providing us with answers, helping us find solutions, and coming alongside us to support our efforts.”

Dedicated to Building Relationships

“They make us feel like we are more than just a customer.”

Highest Level of Service

“Excellent support, dedication, and collaboration.”

Rigor. Agility. Precision.

Torrent Photonics is headquartered outside of Tampa, FL, and is a vertically integrated U.S. manufacturer of optical components, assemblies, and spectral devices. Torrent Photonics serves DoD prime contractors, and commercial customers in life sciences, medical devices, semiconductor, and industrial segments.

Rigor. Agility. Precision.