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Graflex Boresights


Graflex Boresights


Target Acquisition with Unrelenting Accuracy

Lightning-fast, ultra-precise target acquisition, field-adjustable, and a mechanically perfect fit. Graflex boresights and telescopes give you the critical edge with the utmost precision and reliability, mission after mission, even in the most demanding lighting conditions.

  • Unmatched Speed and Accuracy: Fast target acquisition with our field-adjustable reticle, delivering precision (±0.02 mils), even on worn gun tubes.
  • Unwavering Performance: Superior optical performance, mechanically perfect interface, and ruggedized reliability without degradation.
  • Undeterred by Harsh Environments: Field-proven by US and foreign armies for 60+ years
Boresight diagram

Trusted by DoD for 60 years

No Wobble

Field adjustable reticle for azimuth and elevation, instant compensation

Mechanically Compatible

Inherently locate the exact mechanical centerline axis

Customizable Stems and Adaptors

Based on gun size, muzzle break dimensions. Exotic materials available.

Reliable, Ruggedized

MIL-Spec Lenses, adapters, and carrying case

Close Focus Mechanisms

Available in permanent and detachable forms

Video Assisted Boresighting

Patented and unrivaled for efficient collimation

Nitrogen Purged and Sealed

For moisture control and corrosion prevention

Nightime Reticle Illuminator

Hands-free, 8 hours of run time
Unmatched Accuracy

Graflex Muzzle Boresights


Arm Your Defense Program

Choose from the world-renowned standard muzzle boresight and telescope systems or customize a system to exact specifications. Graflex specialists bring extensive design experience, quick processing, and competitive pricing.

  • Built, designed, tested, and proven to meet performance and environmental standards per full MIL specifications (In production and used by the US and foreign armies); numerous NSNs.
  • Field Adjustable Reticle — azimuth and elevation.
  • All adapters inherently and positively (no wobble) locate the centerline of worn gun tubes.
  • Nitrogen purged and sealed.
  • Nighttime boresighting via (flashlight) illuminated reticle
  • No loose tools.
  • Superior resolution-optical performance with a suitable aperture for overcast conditions.
  • Rugged high-density polyethylene carrying cases with MIL-qualified hardware — impervious to DS2, super tropical bleach, and many other chemicals.
  • EPP foam case inserts (Not available in all cases)
  • Anti-Parallax below 200 meters via simple, standard black aperture stop lens cap.
  • Common telescopes for large & small caliber units.
  • Large Caliber: Single piece telescope/adapter, 10X & 12X telescopes, torque indication plate, non-rotating collet. 70mm through 155mm available.
  • Small Caliber: Integral 5.56mm or 7.62mm stem with telescope, instant and positive interchangeability of 12.7mm – 40mm adapters to the tapered stem.
  • Available in any size from 5.56mm through 40mm+.
  • Optional close focus (down to 2 meters) mechanisms
  • Optional graduated torque plates – large caliber adapters.
Product Add-On

BCS camera assembly

The BCS Video Boresight Kit adds capabilities and safety to the combat operator by providing a remote option to boresight weapon systems.


  • 9 Inch High Resolution LCD Display
  • High-Resolution Boresight Camera
  • 12VDC to 40VDC Power
  • 4 Hour Internal Battery Life
  • 10 Meter Video Signal Cable
  • Compatible with All Graflex/Salvo Boresight Telescopes

Complete solutions built for the harshest environments.

Whether your mission requires standard or custom, every product is manufactured to exacting standards. Get started with a quote or schedule a project briefing.

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