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Optical Components

Precision optics and thin film coatings for the most demanding systems.


Precision Optics for Prototype and Production

Precision optics form the backbone of the highest-performing optical assemblies integrated into defense, medical, semiconductor, and industrial imaging and sensing systems.

Torrent Photonics' optical components are designed, fabricated, and measured to meet the most exacting standards. 

Manufacturing & Metrology Services

  • Optical Fabrication
    CNC grinding, double-sided and continuous polishing, laser centering, MRF
  • Metrology
    White light and stitching interferometry, non-contact profilometry
  • Opto-Mechanical Machining
    Live tooling, 5-axis vertical machining, lathes, wire EDMs
  • Thin Film Coatings
    High laser damage threshold, transmissive gratings, microlithography, semiconductor handling & processing

Spheres, Aspheres, & Cylindrical Optics

High-quality, quick-turn aspheric, cylindrical, and spherical lenses for prototype and production volumes.


Optical Prisms

Right-angle, Porro, Dove, corner cube, and more for light bending and manipulation, image deviation, and minimizing aberrations.

Laser Optics

Lenses, mirrors, filters, and laser-related components to concentrate, homogenize, or shape laser beams.


Plano Optics

Single or double-sided optical flats and windows that range from UV to IR. Available in various substrates, shapes, sizes, and coating types


Achromatic Lenses

Achromatic singlets, doublets, and triplets designed to collimate light and minimize spherical aberrations.

Custom Solutions for OEMs

Torrent's solutions are designed to scale with you. We continue to invest in end-to-end photonics capabilities to reduce risk and improve performance and reliability for OEMs.

Custom Solutions for OEMs