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Laser Optics

Torrent Photonics has a long track record of success in laser optics for defense and commercial applications. From material processing to laser range finding, every laser optic must meet exacting specifications and laser lifetime demands. Torrent specializes in laser optic applications used in high-power and ultrafast lasers.  

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Precision Lenses, Mirrors, & Filters

Optics and windows experty crafted with ideal performance and durability tolerances for modern defense technologies including targeting, ranging, night vision, communication, and directed energy weapons systems.

  • Beam Steering
  • Ultra-Fast & High Power Lasers
  • Display Windows
  • Sensors


  • High laser damage threshold coatings

    Substrate polishing and preparation, process control, and coating designs

  • Class 1000/100 Assembly Cells, Sub-Cells
  • Sub-Micron, Traceable Metrology & Testing

ITAR Compliant, Vertically Integrated Defense Optics

As a vertically integrated supplier, Torrent supplies domestic and foreign defense agencies with precision optics and assemblies designed for optimal concentration, homogenizing, and shaping laser beams. Leverage our trusted expertise in ultra-precise ruggedized laser optics and optical coatings from prototype to full-scale production.

Broadband and custom-tuned anti-reflection (AR) coatings ensure high light transmission through optical systems and mitigate ghost effects, especially with multiple surfaces. AR coatings can be incorporated with spectral filters and are commonly used on optics, sensors, and display windows.


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We specialize in laser optic applications used in high-power and ultrafast lasers.