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Discrete Patterning

Patented microlithography expertise and exclusive coating technologies for world-class product performance.


Microlithography & Optical Coating

Optical filters, transmission gratings, and precision optical coatings enable smaller, simpler, more robust optical designs for portable or complex optical systems. Torrent's exclusive technology allows patterning multiple dielectric, metal, and color filter arrays on a single substrate.


  • Semiconductor Wafer Microlithography
  • Nanostructure Fabrication Technologies
  • IAD Evaporation, Magnetron and Ion Beam Sputtering
  • Class 100/1000 Cleanrooms

Micropatterned Lithography Filters

Pattern multiple dielectric, metal, and color filter arrays with our microlithography expertise and coating technologies.

Transmission Diffraction Gratings

Transmission gratings with high diffraction efficiency and low scatter, available in a wide range of wavelengths.

Optical Filters & Color Gels

Control light transmission and improve image quality with linear variable filters, Bayer, Stripe, bandpass, edge, neutral density, dichroic, UV-IR, and UV - AR.

Etch & Fill Reticles

Precise markings, intricate designs, and extreme durability for maximum clarity in night vision, UV-VIS-SWIR imaging systems.


Check out our vertically integrated 125,000 sq. ft. of U.S. manufacturing.

Sales and Service

Technically savvy and responsive — our team is here to talk through your needs.

News and Events

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Custom Solutions for OEMs

Torrent's solutions are designed to scale with you. We continue to invest in end-to-end photonics capabilities to reduce risk and improve performance and reliability for OEMs.

Custom Solutions for OEMs