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Commercial & OEM Precision Optics and Assemblies

Optics, optical assemblies, and imaging and sensing devices to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Service- and Systems-First Approach

Torrent Photonics provides a robust supply chain to keep pace with product demand. User- and customer-centric, we’ll collaborate with your engineering team at every step, for manufacturability and ease of integration, yielding systems that are scalable at speed.

  • Optical Coating & Photolithography
  • Systems Development & Manufacturing
  • Image Sensors
  • Satellite, UAV, & Area Measurement Sensing


Lenses & Prisms
Plano Optics
Coatings & Filters



Eye Piece & Objective
Doublets, Triplets, & Multielement


Discrete Patterning

Micropatterned Filters
Color Resist Gels
Transmissive Gratings


Spectral Imaging & Sensing

MSI Cameras
Pixelated Sensors

Product Highlight

Renegade Spectrometer


  • Environmentally stable and robust design
  • Compact and customizable
  • High sensitivity — proprietary UV-sensitive transmissive grating

Our Commitment to Partners

Fast and knowledgeable follow-up

Systems Thinking:
Employees empowered to make decisions that will improve your end performance

You’ll know where your project stands at all times


Hear from Our Partners

Niche Market Expertise

"The Torrent team has been a HUGE asset as we evolved into a very niche market. Their help evaluating optical specs and advising us on best practices has been invaluable.”

Above & Beyond

“They have gone above and beyond in providing us with answers, helping us find solutions, and coming alongside us to support our efforts.”

Dedicated to Building Relationships

“They make us feel like we are more than just a customer.”

Highest Level of Service

“Excellent support, dedication, and collaboration.”

Rigorous Focus on Your Project, System, Success, Team

Vertical Integration for Close Control

End-to-end coordination streamlines your project from material selection through final assembly, minimizing risk and ensuring compliance. We excel in meetingmeet the strictest quality controls from medical to semiconductor to aerospace.


DFM principles prioritize manufacturability and close the gaps between specifications, design, and production. We’re relentless in analyzing material properties, achievable tolerances, and machining limitations to get your project moving.

Compact & Durable

A systems-thinking approach aims at providing the smallest, lightest products that lower operational costs. Seamless integration stays top-of-mind, especially in space-constrained applications.

Precision Performance

Meticulous attention to the smallest details – from prototype through testing - ensures optical performance. Optical and mechanical tolerances, alignment, surface finishes…every aspect is considered to deliver optimal performance.

Complete solutions built for your demands.

Our team will collaborate with your engineers at every step to ensure the design of scalable, successful systems.

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