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Motorized Zoom Lens


Inherently Rugged

Graflex motorized zoom lenses zero in on performance, reliability, and durability for short, medium, and long-range systems, without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Superb Transmittance: Excellent boresight retention and image quality
  • Inherently Rugged: Performance-tested in debilitating conditions at every design stage; designed with all metal gears
  • Uniquely Customizable: Brackets, extreme temperature gear motors, and more.

Motorized Continuous Zoom & Modular Lenses

9x to 35x Zoom Ratio

High resolution, accuracy, and repeatability DRI out to 25km


Withstands extreme vibration, shock, operating, and storage temperatures

Enhanced Thermal Stability

MLD-STD-810 tested, Analog Serial Data control

Retain Boresight Integrity

For accurate precision and alignment

Options & Upgrades

MTF testing, BCD, Electronics, Extreme Temperature Gear Motors

Custom Zoom Lenses, Upgrades, and Optical Testing

Graflex engineers create custom products that are anything but standard. Our reputation comes from six decades of precision optics and mechanically perfect components for the highest-performing systems made for DoD programs.

  • DIS-III Digital Lens Control System with Serial Interface and Ethernet
  • Boresight Compensation Devices (BCD)
  • Fully Programmable ZHS-II Instrument Heat System
  • Optical Testing and Lens Analysis
  • Wide-Temperature-Range Gear Motors
  • CFE8 Carbon Fiber Lens Enclosures for Extreme Length and Low Weight
  • Open and Closed-Loop Electronics
  • Custom Interface Brackets

Technical Resources

Designed to Perform

Most Graflex zoom lenses are designed to match an established standard specification and meet minimum environmental performance. Further, most lenses may be customized to a required specification. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact the factory for the exact standard associated with each lens and the customizations that are available.

Iris: 8-16Vdc @ 30mA, 0.4V to 1.0V (Peak to Peak)
Zoom/Focus: 6-12Vdc @ 60mA
AI PCB: 3.0Vdc @ 21mA
Position: Potentiometers at Zoom and Focus
Iris Control: Auto
Control: Analog

Complete solutions built for the harshest environments.

Whether your mission requires standard or custom, every product is manufactured to exacting standards. Get started with a quote or schedule a project briefing.

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