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Collimation Testers

Collimation Testers (CTs) are devices used to check and adjust the alignment of
optical components, such as lenses, mirrors, or prisms, within an optical system.


Shear-plate Collimation Testers

Torrent Photonics shear-plate CTs are wedged, high-quality optical flat aligned for the specific λ wavelengths of interest to be utilized in the testing of collimation of a wavefront on optical benches, optical trains, and systems. The lateral-shearing interference patterns produced on this shear plate can be used to examine and adjust the collimation of laser light and other emission sources. The testers can also measure wavefront curvature and quantify divergence/convergence magnitude.

Usable in the 350nm to 2500nm wavelength range, each shear plate CT consists of a wedged, high-quality optical flat aligned for the specific wavelengths of interest to be tested for collimation wavefront housed in a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame. Testers are available with apertures ranging from 10mm to 200 mm in diameter.


  • Precision Target
    A high-quality target pattern that allows for precise alignment, such as concentric circles, crosshairs, or a grid pattern.
  • Versatility
    Ability to test various aspects of collimation, including alignment of mirrors, lenses, and other optical components. Covers 200nm to 2500nm wavelengths.
  • Stability
    Mounted in a or sturdy, thick metal base with leveled positioning stainless steel mounting feet.
  • Variety of Available Sizes
    10mm to 250mm

Applications and Most Common Use Cases

Telescope Collimation

Aligning the optical elements of telescopes, including mirrors, lenses, and diagonal mirrors. Proper collimation ensures that the telescope produces sharp and clear images.

Camera Lens Alignment

Manufacturing and calibration of camera lenses
to ensure that they focus light accurately onto the camera's sensor or film plane. This helps maintain image sharpness and clarity.

Microscope Alignment

Microscopes require precise alignment of lenses
and mirrors to produce high-quality magnified images. CTs help ensure that the optical path is correctly aligned for optimal performance.

Laser Alignment

Aligning laser beams, ensuring that they remain parallel and focused over long distances. applications such as laser cutting, laser engraving, and laser communication systems.

Fiber Optic Alignment

align optical fibers and ensure efficient
transmission of light signals. Proper alignment maximizes signal strength and minimizes signal loss.

OEM Customization Options

Torrent Photonics provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customization services, creating application-specific multispectral engines for easy integration into handheld instrumentation and optical devices. We can also customize your filters, optimizing spectral bands and imaging for your application.

Whether you need customization for proof of concept or high-volume production, we have the expertise and operational capabilities to provide solutions.

OEM Customization Options