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Dragoneye Pan & Tilt System


24/7 Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance

Lightweight, compact, and ergonomic for around-the-clock long-range observation and target acquisition in real-time. Dragoneye forward airfield sight surveillance locates threats with high accuracy in a ruggedized, zero-maintenance form factor.

  • High Precision Positioning Accuracy Fast target acquisition for extended range observation: .0004 degree to .04 degree resolution, 60 degree/second pan velocity
  • Easy to Use: light, ergonomic, and highly intuitive
  • Extreme Durability: built for the harshest environments
Units currently deployed in harsh border surveillance mission
Year track record of delivery

Dragoneye Features

Easy to Operate

Laser range button displays real-time target coordinates

Man Potable & Cross-Domain Surveillance

Available from 40 lb to 150 lb
Border, coastal, land, and air

Complete Positioning Package

Controllers, power, and cables

24/7 Surveillance

Highly sensitive thermal imaging for intelligence, reconnaissance, situational awareness

Dragoneye Airfield Forward Sight Surveillance System

Dragoneye is a state-of-the-art product fulfilling the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges. The user can use a high-performance thermal imaging sensor for day and night observation and target positioning capability. Any threat may be located with high accuracy by simply pushing the laser range button, and the system displays the target coordinate. It performs all calculations with its embedded software without user intervention.


Border Surveillance
Coastal Surveillance
Situational Awareness
Long Range Surveillance
Law Enforcement

Features & Characteristics

Network Enabled
Auto Target-Tracker
Still Image Capture/ Video Record
Continuous optical zoom
Digital Video Outputs
Automatic Motion Detection
Automatic Image Optimization and Image Enhancement
Coordinates of Target Calculated in Real-Time
Advanced User Interface
External Software Update

Standard Accessories

Optical Cleaning Kit
Carrying Case
Transportation Case
AC/DC Converter
Cable Set

Complete solutions built for the harshest environments.

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