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Cubert Hyperspectral Cameras

Torrent carries the award-winning Cubert ULTRIS and FireflEYE hyperspectral cameras for high-resolution hyperspectral imaging based on light field technology.


Award-Winning Hyperspectral Imaging

From the Field to the Lab

The powerful, portable, and award-winning Cubert series provides an unrivaled resolution that reaches beyond the capabilities of traditional spectrometers. Cubert hyperspectral imaging cameras specialize in precise pan-sharpened images, exacting material identification, in-depth analysis across the sample, and distinct detection and classification. 



  • Security & Defense
  • Biomedical Sensing
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals

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Cubert Hyperspectral Cameras for OEMs

Award-Winning UV/VIS/NIR Light Field Based Hyperspectral Camera


Covering a wavelength range of 350nm to 1000nm in 164 spectral bands, the ULTRIS X20 offers a precise light field-based capture at a native resolution of 410×410 px. This covered wavelength range makes it the first UV/VIS/NIR hyperspectral video imager. Unlike “push-broom” technology, you can expect rich 3D data cubes in real-time without scanning.

The ULTRIS X20 provides a powerful technology that can be adapted easily to accommodate various customer wishes. Its ability to range from ultraviolet to near-infrared makes it suitable for many applications.

Key Features

  • 20 MP hyperspectral video camera (x, y, λ)
  • 350nm to 1000nm (UV-VIS-NIR)
  • 164 spectral bands
  • 410x410 px spatial resolution


Technical Specifications

Technology Light Field
Wavelength Range 350nm to 1000nm
Spectral Bands 164
Spectral Sampling 4nm
Spatial Resolution 410x410 px
Total Spectra / Image 168 000
Total Data Points / Cube 27 Million
Data Depths 12 bit
Readout Global shutter
Max Frame Rate 8 Hz
Integration Time 0.1ms to 1000ms
Field of View (FOV) 35 degrees
Power Consumption 8 W
Data Link 1-2 GigE
Weight 350g
Size 60x60x57 mm



Cubert Hyperspectral Cameras

Discover why Cubert is a leader in hyperspectral imaging solutions.