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OEM Spectrometer

Renegade UV-VIS or VIS Spectrometer

Torrent Photonics' OEM-ready spectrometer unit is available in UV-VIS or VIS and ready to integrate into your spectroscopy system. Built on Torrent's proprietary transmission gratings on fused silica, it offers the highest sensitivity available.


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Breakthrough Transmissive Gratings for Higher Sensitivity

The Renegade spectrometer utilizes Torrent’s breakthrough technology in transmissive gratings by providing higher sensitivity compared to traditional reflective grating spectrometers on the market.

The grating is made on fused silica substrates to allow for optimal UV throughput and showcases our vertical integration as all components aside from the silicone detector are made in our fabrication house at Torrent’s headquarters.

The fiber-coupled compact design and manufacturability make the Renegade a versatile OEM solution for our customers.

Product Features

  • Environmentally Stable and Robust Design
  • Compact and Customizable
  • High Sensitivity — Proprietary UV Sensitive Transmissive Grating
  • Fiber-coupled
  • Low unit-to-unit variation

Compact, High-Performance, Customizable Spectrometers

Renegade UV-VIS

Renegade VIS


Ideal for measurement of light in the range of 200nm to 400nm, for applications from DNA/RNA analysis, pharmaceutical, and food/beverage safety. 

Renegade VIS-1

Visible spectroscopy and colorimetry measures the absorption of light in wavelengths of 380nm to 780nm, those visible to the human eye, and provides qualitative and quantitative data without human subjectivity. 

Renegade Specifications


Renegade UV-VIS

Renegade VIS
Wavelength Range 190nm to 850nm 350nm to 790nm
Optical Resolution 1nm FWHM 1.2nm FWHM
Integration Time 4ms to 10s 200us to 10s
Dark Noise < 2000 counts at 10s exposure  
Dynamic Range 2200:1 5000:1
Input Fiber Connector SMA SMA
Signal to Noise Ratio 600:1 300:1
Detector Toshiba TCD1304DG Hamamatsu-S15796
Grating 1250 lpmm Fused Silica transmission grating 1250 lpmm Fused Silica transmission grating
Pixels 3648 x 1 1024
Entrance Split 20um 20um
Numerical Aperature .25NA 0.22NA
Enhanced Sensitivity Lens D-Lens on CCD  
Stray Light .1% or better 0.012% (at+/- 10 x FWHM from peak)
Operating Temp. Range Non-Condensing: 0°- 50°C Non-condensing: 0° - 50° C
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 18mm body, 90 x 60 x 22mm including connector 65 x 45 x 20mm including connector
Weight 145g 100g
Vertical Resolution 50,000 counts 65,000 counts
Connectors 16 pin 1mm pitch FFC  
Inputs/Outputs SPI with 2 chip selects, accumulator reset, device reset, external trigger SPI or USB, custom options available
Trigger Modes Internal or external source, single, multiple accumulate, multiple average Internal or external source, single, multiple accumulate, multiple average
Power Consumption 3.3V 60mA 3.3V 60mA


Custom solutions built for your demands.

We specialize in multispectral and hyperspectral imaging solutions. Collaborate with our engineers to customize Renegade for your application.

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