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Custom Optical Filters

We meet our valued customers’ throughput, expected performance, and cost requirements. Our customization process is often as simple as choosing the filter type, dimensions, and shape you need.



Precision Filters & Gels

At Torrent Photonics, our specialty is precision optical coatings. Our primary product focus is on optical filters for imaging and sensing products. With decades of engineering experience in thin films and advanced optical coating platforms, we supply solutions from scalable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production to standard filter samples.

Our existing inventory consists of hundreds of various sizes and shapes filter options. We offer bandpass, edge, and color filters that cover ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near-infrared (NIR), and short-wave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths. We also supply various specialty filters, like 45-degree, anti-reflective (AR) windows, linear variable, and neutral density filters. We stock a complete line of miscellaneous optical supplies, including collimation testers, optical flats, reflectance standards, and multispectral imaging devices.

Custom Filter Options

  • Select Your Filter: We have an inventory of over 400 different types of filters.
  • Choose Your Shape: Pick from a rectangular or circular filter.
  • Set Your Dimensions: Tell us the required dimensions, and we’ll cut your filter to that size.

Customize Your Filter Design

Whether you need a stock filter, a custom filter, optical supplies, or design assistance for a specific application, the engineering team at Torrent Photonics is ready to help. Start your custom quote and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to provide solutions.

Customize Your Filter Design

Areas of Specialty

It is our top priority to produce a coating or filter that maximizes the efficiency and performance of your application. Our designers focus on all of your system requirements while also considering manufacturing tolerance, operating temperature, and other vital factors. We are well-versed in various design techniques and coating technology, including several innovative methods we’ve developed ourselves.

Our engineers will select the most beneficial materials and techniques to achieve peak performance for your design specifications. Torrent's strict customization and manufacturing standards will ensure your optical filter meets or exceeds your expectations. Our areas of specialty include:

Thin-film engineering

Developing and improving coating designs and processes to advance the applications of optical filters.

Advanced magnetron sputtering (MSP)

A vacuum-coating process that joins multiple materials using a specially-formed magnetic field applied to a diode sputtering target.

Ion-assist deposition (IAD)

A variation of standard e-beam technology that uses a high-energy ion beam directed at the material, making the evaporating film denser and resulting in better durability and improved moisture resistance.

*Ion Beam Sputter Deposition System (IBS)

Integrate two or more coating options into the same filter to enhance color and optimize performance.

Pairing filter designs

Another method of improving the performance of our filters involves pairing two different designs together. Several designs that combine well with others include: color correction filters, patterned color filters, color gobos, UV and IR filters, and cold mirrors. 

Ready-to-Ship Stock Filters

If you’d like to try a design without committing to a large volume purchase our stock filters can provide cost-effective testing, sampling, or prototyping options.

Specialty Filters

45 Degree | AR Windows | Biomedical | LiDAR | Remote Sensing

Bandpass Filters

UV Bandpass | Visible Bandpass | NIR Bandpass | Remote Sensing | Biomedical

Linear Variable Filters

VIS 400-700 nm | NIR 550-1,000nm
UV 300-400nm

Neutral Density Filter

Substantial precision and clarity for image capturing, laser applications, and other extreme light tasks.


Edge Filters

Notch | Short Wave Pass | Long Wave Pass


Dichroic Filters

Multilayered sputtered coating for durable, shift-free performance



Narrow cut-on edge tolerances, UV rejection, High visible transmission, Maintain color integrity, Superior stability at high temperatures and varying humidity


Edge Filters

UV-IR filters protect polymer optics, microdisplay panels, and optical components from harmful UV light and reduce the heat load.


Color Filters

Color filters absorb specific wavelengths of color and transmit the non-absorbed wavelengths, making them visible.


Custom Solutions for OEMs

Torrent's solutions are designed to scale with you. We continue to invest in end-to-end photonics capabilities to reduce risk and improve performance and reliability for OEMs.

Custom Solutions for OEMs