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Plano Optics

Building on our strengths in optical cylinders and optical fabrication, Torrent Photonics is able to deliver high precision optical flats, windows, and filters, to meet the complex needs of medical and defense


Precision Optical Flats

Custom plano optics or optical flats are available as one-sided optics for reference surfaces, or double-sided optical flats for use as optical windows and test plates due to their capacity for light transmission. We carry a variety of materials suited to the full range of wavelengths, from visible to NIR to IR.

Torrent Photonics has the tools and know-how to produce plano optics in both volume and size on a large scale. Our 72” planetaries allow for up to 30” parts and are better than 1/20th wave at 632.8nm. Our Speedfam double lap polishers produce parts with less than 5” parallelism. Torrent can deliver thousands of optics over 8” per month. Scratch dig or 10/5 on visible optics and 20/10 on IR optics are possible.

Octagonal Visible Window - home

Customization Optics Designed for Performance

Depending on the needs of your application, Torrent Photonics has decades of experience making Plano optics from various materials. As a result, we can produce plano optics and doublets that fit your requirements, whether they require hard ceramics or soft optical materials.

Customization Optics Designed for Performance

Torrent has extensive experience and one of the largest capacity collection of double-sided grinding and polishing machines in North America,  fabricating and producing customized IR, UV, and visible windows in various sizes, shapes, and substrates servicing the medical, defense, industrial, and scientific fields. With remarkable parallelism and transmitted wavefront produced by the double-sided production process, we can deliver visible windows for industrial and biomedical applications and IR windows for infrared and military/defense applications.

Window Shapes
  • Circular Windows
  • Square Windows
  • Rectangular Windows
  • Elliptical Windows
Optical Substrate Types
  • Crystal
  • Display Glass
  • Fused Quartz
  • Fused Silica
  • IR Materials
  • Low Expansion
  • Optical Glass

Complete solutions for your project's success.

Whether your project requires standard or custom, every product is manufactured to the highest standards. Tell us about your project or application.