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Optical Prisms

From complex light paths for medical devices to night vision and scopes for defense and surveillance, Torrent's in-house custom optical prism manufacturing can improve visibility and performance. From optical design to high volume manufacturing, let's discuss your program needs.


Expertly Designed Optical Prisms

An optical prism is a solid, transparent optic with flat surfaces that refract light. Before exiting through a different surface, light enters through one surface and may be bent, diverted, or dispersed. The prism’s function is determined by the angles between these highly polished surfaces, the number of surfaces, and their positioning.

Since optical prisms bend light inside a system at a specific angle, they can be used to reflect light, flip an image, or separate light into its constituent wavelengths or polarizations. Optical prisms are important to refractometers and spectrographs for dispersion, and can also be used to merge optical beams for beam shaping.

Sample Prisms

  • Air Gapped Prism
  • Pechan Prism
  • Cubes Prism
  • Mounted Prism
  • Penta Prism
  • Wedge Prism
  • Rhomboid Prism
  • Roof Prisms
Right-Angle Prism
Porro Prism
Dove Prism
Corner Cubes Prism

Custom solutions for your project's success.

Whether your project requires standard or custom, every product is manufactured to the highest standards. Tell us about your project or application.