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Raptor SWIR Multispectral Cameras

Small and light with an ultra-high intra-scene dynamic range for the highest quality image capture in all lighting conditions.


InGaAs Cameras with Best-in-Class Sensitivity

Lightweight, compact, and rugged, the Owl and Ninox cameras provide world-class, low-light-level InGaAs camera solutions with best-in-class sensitivity in the region up to 1700nm, ideal for the highest quality images — capturing both dark and bright scenes — in all light conditions.

  • Image Sensor Modifications and Alignment
  • Systems Development and Manufacturing
  • Optical Coating and Photolithography


  • Night Vision
  • Mini UAVs and Gimbal
  • Machine Vision
  • VIS-SWIR Illuminators, Markers, and Pointers
  • Ambient Light & Time of Flight
  • PCR
  • Endoscopy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Agriculture & Water Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitors

OEM Customization Options

Torrent Photonics provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customization services, creating application-specific multispectral engines for easy integration into handheld instrumentation and optical devices. We can also customize your filters, optimizing spectral bands and imaging for your application.

Whether you need customization for proof of concept or high-volume production, we have the expertise and operational capabilities to provide solutions.

OEM Customization Options


Explore the Owl and Ninox camera line-ups to find the best fit for your application, including the award-winning Owl 1280 VIS-SWIR camera.

Captures Bright & Dark Portions of a Scene

Using a cooled 1280 × 1024 InGaAs sensor from SCD, the Owl 1280 offers a visible response from 0.6µm to 1.7µm, enabling high-sensitivity imaging.

The 10µmx10µm pixel pitch enables the highest-resolution imaging. The Owl 1280 has a readout noise (RMS) specification of <28 electrons and offers a high intra-scene dynamic range of 51dB, enabling simultaneous capture of bright & dark portions of a scene.

Key Features
  • 1280 × 1024, 10µmx10µm pixel pitch VIS-SWIR technology
  • <50 electrons readout noise (RMS)
  • On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC)
  • On-board Intelligent 3-point NUC




Raptor Photonics SWIR Cameras

Explore Raptor's full line-up of next-generation, high-performance digital camera solutions for the Scientific, Surveillance, and Aerospace markets.