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Reticle Assemblies

Manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality micro-patterned precision optics, including standard and custom reticle designs. 


Fabrication Techniques

Torrent Photonics can offer the industry’s best precision reticles by utilizing our semiconductor patterning process. Our reticles are fabricated using multiple techniques: etch-and-fill, patterned dielectric, dichroic, and metal coatings. We supply our reticles to military and commercial applications, including direct view, projection, side illuminated, light field, and dark field varieties. In addition, reticles can be produced on prisms and other odd-shaped geometries to help designers make the most out of space requirements while maintaining performance. Our capabilities allow us to add extra degrees of freedom to demanding designs previously not possible. All products meet environmental and physical specifications to military standard MIL-PRF-13830.

Our etch-and-fill reticles can be fabricated with line widths from .005mm to 0.5mm. Reticles can be supplied with black, white, or red fill, and our photolithography techniques allow for superior line quality.

We also supply quality coated reticle products with metalized and/or dichroic films. Using ion assisted deposition techniques allows us to provide components having excellent durability with superior temperature and humidity resistance. Our semiconductor patterning process will enable us to provide patterned, coated reticles with line widths down to 2µm with 1µm separation. Metal-coated products can also be supplied using the same photolithography techniques. These could be aluminum, anti-reflective chrome, or indium tin oxide coatings.

Any combination of these fabrication techniques can be used to meet your most demanding design criteria. Our semiconductor lithography process allows for large-volume reticle production, which means cost savings for our customers. By coating or etch-and-fill, we can fabricate products on large substrates and cut these into individual pieces, which is less time-consuming and leads to higher yields than manufacturing unique pieces. Having all the capabilities necessary to take raw stock to a finished product makes it easy to see how Torrent can offer the highest quality reticles in the industry.

Designed For Your Success

Our operations focus on supporting customers in developing their next-generation imaging and sensing equipment. With a toolbox of processes and technologies, we can quickly design the most effective way to develop products based on your application or product functionality. Our application engineers work with you to quickly assess your requirements and provide a proposal of technical feasibility.

Designed For Your Success