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Transmissive Gratings

We design and deliver custom transmissive gratings in UV, VIS, and NIR wavelengths. Our proprietary processes for micropatterning and in-house fab allow for extreme precision and repeatability at high volumes. 


Custom Gratings

Torrent Photonics has expanded its design and production capabilities to include a suite of transmissive gratings.

Transmissive gratings are a type of diffractive grating designed to diffract light transmitted through them at angles depending on wavelength. They have lower alignment sensitivities when compared to reflectance gratings, making them more robust given slight changes in environment.

Additionally, transmissive gratings have a significant edge on throughput when compared to traditional reflective gratings, and with our ability to use a fused silica substrate, we're able to achieve deep UV sensitivities.

See our specifications table for some typical diffraction efficiency curves optimized across wavelengths. The grating profiles can be modulated to optimize diffraction efficiency at certain wavelengths.


  • UV Sensitive with Fused Silica Substrate
  • High Through-Put Compared to Reflective Grating
  • Customizable for OEM Solutions
  • Repeatable — Low Unit to Unit Variation
  • Environmentally Stable and Robust Design
Enabling Technology

Renegade Spectrometer


  • Environmentally Stable and Robust Design
  • Compact and Customizable
  • High Sensitivity — Proprietary UV Sensitive Transmissive Grating

Transmissive Gratings Specifications


VIS-NIRTransmissive Gratings - VIS-NIR Transmission Graph

SWIRTransmissive Gratings - SWIR Transmission Graph

Spectroscopy Gratings – UV, VIS, NIR, Broadband 

  Wavelength Range (mm) Line Density (LPMM) Angle of Incidence (AOI)
 UV 200-400 2500 15.5
 UV-VIS 200-800 1250 29.9
 VIS 362-785 1250 15.5
 NIR 400-1100 909 16.1
 SWIR 900-1700 571.4 17.8


Transmissive Gratings - 1064 PC Transmission Graph

1250 l/mm Transmission pulse compression grating
for 1030-1064 nm wavelengths 

  Wavelength Range (mm) Line Density (LPMM) Angle of Incidence (AOI)
1030/1064 1000-1100 1250 39


Transmissive Gratings - 840-OCT-1250 Transmission Graph

Transmissive Gratings - 840-OCT-1190 Transmission Graph


1250 l/mm OCT Grating for 800 to 880nm 

  Wavelength Range (mm) Line Density (LPMM) Angle of Incidence (AOI)
840 CWL 800-880 1250/1190 30

Complete solutions built for your demands.

Our team will collaborate with your engineers at every step to ensure the design of scalable, successful systems.

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