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Optical waveplates are transparent plates with a carefully selected level of specular reflection. Their primary function is to control the polarization condition of light beams.


Custom Waveplate Configuration

Quartz (crystalline SiO2) is a common material for waveplates because it has a broad wavelength range, a high degree of transparency, and can be produced with excellent optical quality. Other such substances include mica (a silicate mineral), calcite (CaCO3), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), sapphire (Al2O3), and a few birefringent polymers. Numerous factors, such as wavelength range, open aperture, absorption losses, and high-power capability, can influence the material choice.

At Torrent Photonics, we manufacture waveplates in any configuration the customer requires. Our in-house waveplate fabrication and coating give us complete control from start to finish. We orient, cut, and polish the optical crystals for waveplate manufacturing at all wavelength ranges.


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