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ReX Realtime X-Ray Cameras

Realtime visualization using the latest CMOS imagers and image intensifying technologies.


Quick, Simple, & Highly Sensitive

The ReX is a high-sensitivity, video-rate X-ray imaging system suited for general purpose X-ray imaging tasks in academic and industrial settings, especially in applications where the intensity at the detector position is low. 

Utilizing the latest in CMOS imagers and high performance image intensification technology fiber-optically coupled together, the ReX provides high sensitivity for imaging even low-flux X-ray beams or images in real time. 


  • Optical Coating and Photolithography
  • Systems Development and Manufacturing
  • Sensor, Camera, and Housing Options
Features & Benefits

Why Choose ReX?

High Dynamic Range

Adjust video frame rate, integration time, and intensifier gain to image X-rays over a wide range of input illuminations


Phosphor optimized for imaging energies in the range of 10 to 30 keV, or choose a higher and lower energy range

High Sensitivity

CMOS and image intensification technologies enable imaging low-flux X-ray beams or images in realtime

Large Image Area

Choose from a range of image areas with pixel sizes from 11μm. Free-standing or mounted detector heads are available

Flexible Software

ReX software gives you control of image acquisition and detector adjustments




X-ray energy 8 to 30 keV
Image area 15.2mmx12.3mm [19.8mmx15.9mm]
Pixel size at imaging surface 11.9μm [15.5μm] square
Pixels 1280x1024 px
Maximum frames at full resolution/sec 25 Higher frame rates possible in sub-sampling modes
Software control Integration time (35μs - 980ms)
Frame rate (up to 25 fps at full resolution)
Sub-array size
Intensifier gain
Computer interface USB 2.0
Sensor type Scintillator with intensified CMOS
video camera
Mechanical mount Universal camera mounting thread
Warranty Parts and labor for 1 year

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